A more or less website!

I have spent a bit of time adding more features and trying to tidy them up to work in more website like way rather than just integrations into Facebook posts.

Some bits are working better than others!

The COLOURISED LOCAL PICTURES TRANSITIONS page relies on a script that is hosted on the author’s server which sometimes is slow to respond and prevents the image rendering until the page is refreshed, there is another option that might or might not suffer the same quirk to look into so it might be fixable without too much work.

The old style DEWSBURY IN OLD PICTURES & POSTCARDS GALLERY broke partially because I was lazy when I put it together and left facebook in the loop which was silly, the new version copes with 900 plus images easily and looks nice on mobiles too.

The 1893/4 OS 25 INCH MAPS OF DEWSBURY AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS maps open in a new tab which disrupts the browsing experience a bit, but this maximises screen area for the map without any borders especially on a mobile or tablet.

All the video content is now self-hosted so no longer dependent on the whims of Facebook to keep muting or removing.
At the moment thumbnails for videos are produced from the video and don’t always render quickly on slow connections so I will probably create some propper thumbnail images to load quickly with the page.

The jigsaws still open in a new tab, all be that embedded in a page, this is because the jigsaw service is provided by Jigsaw Planet and the embed prevents users wandering off into the realms of their site. Unfortunately adding any form of navigation messes up the jigsaws rendering on mobile devices so in a new tab they will have to stay.

This is very much a work in progress but if you find anything broken or don’t like the way it works etc. leave a comment.😎