Dewsbury Fire Brigade Film 1900

This is a strikingly well-filmed example of a popular public entertainment which became a staple early film genre: the fire brigade call-out demonstrations. The horse-drawn fire engine, with its steam pump following behind, is driven towards and past camera, watched by a substantial crowd held back by policemen. After it passes the crowd mill about in front of the camera.

A demonstration of the hoses is staged in the town square with the firemen directing water from two hoses at an unseen ‘fire’, watched by spectators. One jet is directed more horizontally to extinguish some burning material and the fire officers demonstrate the removing of the pipe attached to the water mains. Filmmakers Mitchell and Kenyon shot many similar films, but this is perhaps the best.

This is not original footage but rather an A.I. enhanced and colourised version in 4K and HD that I created from the original footage held by the British Film Institute.